Competition Team

This program is for serious and focused youth who are interested in learning correct technical and tactical performance for competitive karate and developing the physical strength and speed required for correct execution of sport karate elements.

We scout students for this program through oru Sport Karate Programs in Kitsilano (Vancouver) and in Southarm (Richmond). Invitations to this program will be extended to students who demonstrate the skill and/or desire to learn and the work ethic required by this program.

Students or parents of interested students may also apply for a try-out to join this program by submitting a letter of application to

Rates: $35/class

Invited Students will receive a calendar link to book classes.

*Financial Assistance is available for students in need who demonstrate the abilities and work ethic necessary for this program. To apply for financial assistance, students must have an interest in long-term development, commit to attending all training sessions and any additional sparring sessions or competitions and must prioritize karate over other extra-curricular programs.

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