Karate – More than Sport.

This summer, we are offering free spots in our camps to kids who need it most.

Apply at the bottom of this page and give us a chance to make a positive impact on your child’s life.

For us, this is more than a business, more than an art, more than a sport. It’s truly something magical.

The past few years have been very difficult for families and young people around the world and in Vancouver across different communities. This Summer, Hayabusa Karate aims to do a small part in the lives of 54 young people by offering sponsored camp spots in our Sport Karate Summer Camps to young people of varied walks of life.

 We are offering 6 weeks of summer camps July 14-August 19th, 2022 in Vancouver. Each week, we will teach sport karate techniques, principles of motivation and grit as well as working on core strength, flexibility, agility and speed of decision-making in varied mixes of application with our 4-7 year old, 8-11 year old and 12+ age groups.

Throughout the 6 weeks in July and August 2022, as many as nine youth per week will be offered sponsored camp spots in our Sport Karate Summer Camp in their appropriate age group.

Training Concepts will be scaffolded and modified in difficulty according to age group as well as the registrants in our camps. The key focus areas are :

-Developing Grit and Generating Motivation

-Flexibility, Strength, Core, Speed and Agility

-Mental Training and Decision Making

-Correct Technical Performance of Scoring Sport Karate Techniques

–Defensive movement, footwork and deterrence

-Scenario-based integration of defence and attacks

-Tactical applications and behaviour

Opportunities for Children of Families Impacted by Areas of Conflict

Three out of nine spots will be allocated to applications of parents or guardians of children with extenuating circumstances such as families affected by the war in Ukraine, refugees arriving from Afghanistan or children and families impacted by other places of conflict. We do not prioritize any particular region of conflict over another and each application will be reviewed on an individual basis with the intent to understand and help as many families as possible by exposing children to our passion for karate and including them in our highly structured, positive and focused training environment. If the amount of applications exceeds the available spots, the remaining children will also be placed on a waitlist for future opportunities. We do request, however, that parents who apply and accept the their sponsored spot commit to bringing their child to the entire week of camp once they accept the offer.

In addition to children of families overcoming difficult situations related to conflict around the world, we would like to make every effort to increase diversity in our camps and lower barriers to starting karate. We believe that our dojo and Canada is already a multicultural community, however we recognize that there is work that remains to be done and our efforts this summer are a small contribution that we hope will encourage other organizations in the community to extend similar opportunities to children of of multiple communities. If you feel that we have not offered an opportunity to a particular group, please feel free to reach out to us with a suggestion. We hold a high opinion that our sport is unlike any other and has the power to transform lives and instill grit in individuals and groups.

Opportunities for Children of Families who identify as Indigenous

To express our gratitude for the opportunity to live work and play on the unceded and traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples, we would like to offer 3 spots each week (total of 18 spots this summer) to families whose parents or children identify as Indigenous.

Opportunities for Children of Families who identify as Black

In addition, we will also offer 3 spots every week to families whose parents or children identify as black. We recognize the responsibility of sport organizations to be active in the creation of more opportunities for minorities in Canada and we aim to do our part in this area.

How to Apply:

There will be a total of 9 sponsored camp spots for 6 weeks in row and potentially as many as 54 children can benefit from this opportunity in Vancouver. We encourage all families to apply and thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the development of youth sport in Vancouver.

To submit an application form for one of our 54 camp spots, fill out the application form below and tell us your story. Applications can be submitted in any language. We are prepared process applications subitted in English, French, Spanish Russian and Ukrainian. We will also do our best to translate applications submitted in other languages.

Applications will be confidential and each family will be notified their awarded scholarship by July 8th. Eligible children will be between the ages of 4 and 17 and will be placed according to age groups We encourage all members of the community that they think would benefit from this opportunity to apply.

Please fill out the application below in as much detail as possible. You may submit the application in the language that’s easiest for you and we will do our best to translate and understand your child’s story and why you would like to enroll your child in our Sport Karate Training Camp.

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