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Fun Fact: Our instructor is the only kumite (sparring) athlete in Vancouver and British Columbia who competed at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Qualifier.

Karate for Everyone

Karate in Vancouver is on the verge of a new stage in development. Following our instructor’s return from her own Olympic pursuit, we are pleased to offer a new program : “Karate for Everyone”. This program is for children, teenagers and adults in Vancouver. For instance, parents and children or siblings can train and learn Shotokan kihon and kata together at our convenient and family-friendly locations. Our main program is usually held in Kitsilano, Vancouver and we have recently opened classes in Richmond!

We also have Karate for Kids to help our younger students learn the necessary skills to join our main program. Moreover, we work with each student individually to meet personal goals. Whether your goal is to earn your black belt, gain confidence or learn self defence, we will help you along the way. Finally, we use this program to scout talented athletes for our Focused Karate and Athletic Development Program.

Sport Karate in Kitsilano Vancouver

Aside from teaching traditional techniques, we also introduce sport karate. Importantly, karate has been recently featured in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Our chief instructor is an international athlete who recently competed at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Qualification tournament representing Jamaica. Likewise, our junior athletes are National Canadian medallists. Furthermore, they receive invitations to the Canadian National Team Trials and Provincial Team Selection Competitions.

In addition, our elite athletes attend “Karate for all” classes and lead by example to inspire beginners. We also scout talented and hard working students in “Karate for Everyone” and invite them to join the “Focused Karate Program”.

Quality Over Quantity

We teach correct technique acquired through years of training with some of the world’s best karate coaches and athletes. When teaching our students, we pay close attention to detail and share our expertise and a love for karate.

Tactics and Defence

We introduce tactics and defence at an early stage in the development of our karate-ka and continue to perfect their application at every stage.

Our instructor and senior students embody the concept of karate-do and transfer their knowledge of the history, values and culture of traditional karate to younger students.

Karate-Do, Focus, Discipline, Respect

Quality is a must, but it is only the beginning. Firstly, aside from physical training, our students learn strategies to focus. Secondly, we build self-motivated and self-disciplined individuals. Furthermore, we aim to include each individual and family to build a community of strong, respectful and kind individuals. Lastly, we foster excellence in technique, strength in character and passion in spirit Classes are taught by Valentyna Zolotarova who is a 4th Degree Black belt, an international competitor and coach and a BC certified teacher.


Karate has many health, physical and social benefits for every age group. Most importantly, it fosters life-long learning and an ongoing pursuit of the perfection of  character.


6 months: $899 + tax (Sep 2021-Feb 2022)

1 month: $199 + tax ( no commitment)

Drop In: $25 + tax / class 

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