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Dates: Oct 1-Dec15, Jan 8-Mar15, Apr2- June 21

Richmond (Sportstown Soccer 11191 Horseshoe Way Unit 6, Richmond, ): Mon, Tues Thurs

Vancouver (Ron Zalko Gym, 1807 W 1st Ave, Vancouver): Wed, Fri, Sat

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Membership includes

Includes High Quality Karate Training (minimum 1, maximum 6 times per week)

Personalised Goal Setting and Action Plan

Preparation for belt tests and tournaments(in beginner and elite categories)

Regular Communication between coach and athlete support circle

Gap Analysis with Elite Level Competitions and ongoing progress evaluation

Video Analysis and Training Plan for Athletes with identified talent, work ethic and aspirations for elite level competition


Questions? E-mail: hayabusakarate@gmail.com or Call 604-831-3965