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Fun Fact: Valentyna Zolotarova is the only Kumite Athlete in British Columbia who participated in the Olympic Qualification Tournament for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Why Hayabusa Karate? 

Sydney Porter at National Canadian Team Trials after winning bronze at in the senior division at only 17 years old weeks before to flying around the world with her family as a pilot.

Valentino Evans (a dual citizen) wins gold for Jamaica at the Caribbean Championships at 11 year old.

Rasandre Evans completes Olympic Career Course at Olympic Training Centre in Mexico and wins 3 international medals in 2023

It is not too difficult to find a good traditional karate dojo. It is not too difficult to find a competitive sport karate club that does well in city and national competitions. It is, however, very difficult to find a dojo that teaches the way of life that comes along with the life long practice of karate-do while also delivering a sport kumite and kata curriculum that is in line with the most current tendencies, technical performance, biomechanics and strategy executed at top level competition and in a way that takes into consideration the unique and individual ways in which one learns. 

In order to do the above, a karate instructor has to have a solid base in traditional karate, regularly attend international competitions , understand the competition scene from all sides (from the view of the athlete, the coach and the referee) understand the development of children and apply the neuroscience of learning to help adults and youth through mastery of pedagogy and its application to coaching.

In order to achieve the above, a karate instructor has to be willing to sacrifice a lot of profit and personal time in order to achieve something that few will appreciate and value in this day and age. 

Only a karate fanatic would set out to do such an impossible task. Since opening Hayabusa Karate in 2010, Valentyna Zolotarova has used her experience as an elite athlete, World Karate Federation Certified Coach and Certified Judge, to create unique programs for children and adults.

Our Specialties and Affiliations

WKF Sport Karate Kumite

Traditional Kihon and Kata

International Shotokan Karate Federation (Style Organisation)

Karate BC (Provincial Federation)

Karate Canada (National Federation)

World Karate Federation (Olympic Recognized Sport Governing Body)

About the Founder & Instructor: Valentyna Zolotarova

Senior Jamaican National Team Athlete

Junior Jamaican National Team Coach

Canadian National Team Athlete and National Champion 2003-2008

Pan-american Medallist in Kata and Kumite

Top 50 World Ranking Women’s Kumite -55 kg 2018-2020

Top 10 in Kumite at multiple Premier League Competitions 2018-2020

Top 8 in Kata at WKF World Championships 2005

BC Certified Teacher

World Karate Federation Certified Coach

BC Premier’s Athletic Award Recipient 2003-2008

Bachelor of Education (UBC)

NCCP Coaching Certification

Former WKF Kata Judge A and PKF Referee A ( retired from officiating to take on coaching and other roles in international compatition)

Advanced Coaching Certification (United States Sports Academy)

Master of Educational Technology (UBC)

International Sports Management and Marketing (University of London & World Academy of Sport)

About the Founder

In her brief time away from competition while becoming a mother of 3 children, Valentyna became a Certified World Karate Federation Judge and officiated at the 2015 and 2016 WKF World Championships. She put refereeing aside to return to sport as an athlete at the beginning of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Cycle in order to model hard work, perseverance and the courage to follow dreams for her children and her students. While on the olympic quest, she conducted international seminars and trained with some of the world’s top athletes and coaches.

At the beginning of the global pandemic, Valentyna Zolotarova  was amongst the world’s top karate athletes to be featured in the  WKF Karatekas #StayActive: Female Kumite -55kg edition as she developed free online classes to help keep others active during the lockdown. One of Valentyna’s goals as an athlete and coach is to share the work ethic and the dedication that is required to pursue any goal with her students as well as to use karate to make a positive impact in other’s lives beyond sport. When the Olympic Games were postponed, Valentyna organized a Fundraiser for the Women’s Center in Jamaica which is an organization assisting teenage mothers in Jamaica. The fundraiser was in the format of an online karate seminar taught by Valentyna Zolotarova and her teammates on the Jamaican National Team. The event was a success and had participants from many countries joining online and was highlighted in The Gleaner: Jamaican Karate Stars Donate to Women’s Centre.

Valentyna Zolotarova and many of our dojo members are keen to continue contributing to positive initiatives in society and are open to working with other organisations who aim to impact the lives of others in positive ways.

Valentyna Zolotarova at the 2021 World Championships (above), the 2023 Caribbean Games (below) and the 2022 Commonwealth Championships